At the foot of the Southern mountainside and just next to the coast is situated the town of Sveti Vlas. It is at about 10 km from the well known Nessebar town. Sveti Vlas is spred out on the North part of the bay, where are the famous Bulgarian resorts Sunny Beach and Elenite and is at 40 km from Burgas.
Sveti Vlas
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Sveti Vlas is situated in the skirts of the Balkan mountain and thus offers a beautiful combination of sea and mountain climate, considered favourable for those suffering from lung diseases. Sveti Vlas (Свети Влас, "Saint Blaise") is a resort town on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located in Nesebar municipality, Burgas Province. As of September 2005, it has a population of 2,142. The town is located at the foot of the south slopes of the Balkan Mountains, in the northern part of Burgas Bay. A settlement was founded at the present place of Sveti Vlas in the 2nd century AD by the Thracians, then called Larissa. It acquired the name Sveti Vlas in the 14th century after Saint Blaise, a monastery dedicated to whom existed in the region, but was burnt down in the 14th-18th century by consecutive pirate raids. During the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, it was known as Kucuk manastir or simply Manastir ("monastery"), while the name Sveti Vlas became official after 1886. The settlement became a climatic sea resort in 1963 and a town on 2 February 2006. Sveti Vlas has grown as a tourist resort in recent times, serving as a quieter alternative to nearby Sunny Beach. The gap between the two places is shrinking as more hotels and holiday apartments are built along the coast. Sveti Vlas lies at the northern end of a bay which has Sunny Beach in its middle and the ancient town of Nesebar at its southern end. Sunny Beach and Nesebar is easily accessible by bus or taxi, and there are also boats going between Sveti Vlas and Nesebar. Wikipedia - Sveti Vlas
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